[Libav-user] Problem with rtmp stream

Carl Eugen Hoyos cehoyos at ag.or.at
Mon Dec 10 12:14:12 CET 2012

Nelson Perez <bilthon at ...> writes:

> My bad, I used the wrong address to illustrate the problem. 
> It actually happens with camera 71. So you should type:
> ffmpeg -i
"rtmp:// pageUrl=http://transito.rio.rj.gov.br --live"
-vcodec copy -an out.flv

I originally could not reproduce the problem (ffmpeg immediately 
exits for me with an appropriate error message), I recompiled 
with --enable-librtmp and it appears that the bug is in librtmp 
(which does not return).
rtmpdump also hangs:
$ rtmpdump -i "rtmp://
pageUrl=http://transito.rio.rj.gov.br --live"

Carl Eugen

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