[Libav-user] Commercial support

Mike Versteeg mike at mikeversteeg.com
Thu Dec 13 19:50:45 CET 2012

>> These would be questions related to the use of the libav API,
>> particularly questions that relate to my lack of knowledge of the API
>> (due to lack of documentation and examples).
> Did you look into the doc/examples directory?


> It also contains an encoding example which iirc
> is what you have asked for.

No, it does not do any drift compensation if you feed it with two
independently clocked streams.

> Was your original question about two independent inputs
> (like alsa and v4l) that do not use the same time-source
> or do you have a file that is converted fine with ffmpeg
> (the command line application) but not with your app?

Totally independent. Problem with the output example is that it
assumes the audio is in complete sync with the video (for each frame a
fixed number of audio samples is taken in). I need to modulate that
number, and I assume that can be done by changing the PTS. But I do
not know how, and in fact when I examine it is seems not to be used at

Anyway, this it rather OT and should go to the other thread. This one
is about the availability of someone who knows all about stuff like
this and is willing to help me for an hourly fee. Considering libav*
is (almost) free I gladly support this financially.

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