[Libav-user] Please help me will ffmpeg be able to decode the h264 data

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Fri Dec 21 10:55:22 CET 2012

Hello All

i am new to ffmpeg i have worked with VC++ before in VS2010.
want to make an application in which i will stream h264 encrypted and
encoded video using live media libraries and then decrypt and decode it and
display it using direct show the video.
For now i am able to encrypt and encode the video and decrypt the video but
i need some free source decoder to which i can give NAL units and then give
the decoded data to direct show libraries to show the video.....
Please help me......

Will ffmpeg libraries be able to decode h 264 data and then will be able to
give data to direct show and play it.......
Please give me the source link for ffmpeg source code which can be built in
VS2010 and steps to built it.

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