[Libav-user] Trying to create a DVDSUB (.sub) according to Specification

Wagner Patriota wagner.patriota at gmail.com
Tue Jul 24 20:56:09 CEST 2012


I followed this document

in order to try to create a .sub file by myself.

The thing is: I need to convert .SRT files .SUB files... but the bitmaps
inside the .SUB file must be 8-bit color. I couldn't find a free ou cheap
software for this, so I decided to create it by myself. But FFmpeg still
doesn't recognize my .SUB file.

Question 1:
Is this document really the one I think I need? I mean, I followed every
bit of it but FFmpeg doesn't recognize correctly...

Question 2:
Does anybody know another documentation about the .SUB file? Where?

Question 3:
Is the another free or cheap (less than 500USD) software that does this
job? [convert SRT to .SUB with 8-bit-color]
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