[Libav-user] adjusting bitrate with AvCodecContext not functioning

Louis Mendoza louismendoza23 at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 3 02:40:46 CET 2012

Hey all, 

I am working with ffmpeg and libvpx on c ++. I am trying to encode a video source by using variable bitrate control with bit_rate. The video exceeds the bit_rate every time. I am using a blackmagic intensity pro card to capture video from a hdmi camera. Here is how I am setting the ffmpeg parameters using an AvCodeContext * 
called destStreamCodecContext. I have also tried setting a max rate.

      destStreamCodecContext->bit_rate = bitrate 
       destStreamCodecContext->qcompress = 1;  //tells the encoder to use variable bitrate
       destStreamCodecContext->gop_size = 12;  
        destStreamCodecContext->rc_max_rate = bitrate;

Any help would be greatly appreciated 

Thanks , 
Louis Mendoza
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