[Libav-user] rtp muxing of H264 NAL units

adreas Polyxronopoulos apolyxrono at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Mar 16 16:19:21 CET 2012

I managed to set up the configuration i described by omitted the av_encode_video() call and instead add the call to x264_encoder_encode() 
and fill in the data in packets as follow:

pkt.data = nals[0].p_payload; //video_outbuf;

However the problem i have now is that i can't produce the appropriate SDP file as i did before using the av_sdp_create();

Does anyone knows how to create the appropriate SDP file when encoding using the x264-api and streaming with ffmpeg-api ?


Adreas Polychronopoulos

 From: adreas Polyxronopoulos <apolyxrono at yahoo.co.uk>
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Subject: rtp muxing of H264 NAL units 

Hi ,

I encode yuv420p frames with the x264 api to NAL units. I would like to use the ffmpeg-api to mux them with the rtp muxer.
I have done this using ffmpe-api to encode (H264 codec) and stream the yuv420p frames but now I want to have more control on the codec options so the encoding is done by x264-api and streaming with the ffmpeg-api.

yuv420p---->|x264-api|---->NAL--->|ffmpeg-api|---->rtp packet

Adreas Polychronopoulos
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