[Libav-user] Custom usage of AVFormatContext

Rene Gonzalez renegs.2378 at gmail.com
Fri May 18 02:00:13 CEST 2012

Hi folks, ffmpeg experts,

I have an app/lib that handles video containers such as mp4.
The data to be processed is buffered and send to the lib so
basically I get the video format by means of:
    then the format flags is set to AVFMT_NOFILE.

so the warn is, since AVFMT_NOFILE is set "AVFMT_NOFILE formats will not
have an AVIOContext"
doesn't make sense to allocate context for  AVIOContext so the ic->pb is
leaved with zero.

So I thought the next logical steep is to create the AVformatContext by
means of:

But it eventual leadme to a segmentation fault cus AVformatContext
methods handles the AVIOContext (ic->pb).

My question is:
  what is the approach to customized the AVFormatContext?
  or What is the approach to handle video data (format)  from a buffer?

Thanks in advance for any help, It will be much appreciated,
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