[Libav-user] Compiling for Mac with libx264

Kalileo kalileo at universalx.net
Fri May 18 04:28:14 CEST 2012

On May 16, 2012, at 11:44 , Wagner Patriota wrote:

> I can't compile the last version of FFMPEG with libx264... it says:
> "ERROR: libx264 version must be >= 0.118."
> I have the latest version from the libx264 website...
You don't.

There are still fles from an old libx264 installation in your ../libs/.. folder(s). Check all /usr/libs/.. and /opt/libs/.. folders and manually delete all x264 stuff (or use macports or whatever you used to install libx264 before)

After that reinstall the latest libx264.

Note that this includes the ffmpeg libs where libx264 was compiled in. I had to deinstall them too. 

So the best is most probably to completely deinstall (check the ../libs/ folders!) libx264 and ffmpeg and then reinstall both whenever you want to upgrade libx264.

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