[Libav-user] encode video with PNG or similar?

"Matthias Bühlmann" genesys at gmx.ch
Sun May 20 15:53:13 CEST 2012

we have sequences of images that we want to encode. we tried to do this before using FFMPEG and H.264

There are some temporal coherences between the frames, but not really those of natural video and H.264 does not seem to be suited for our data (I-frame encoding gives better results than P-frame encoding at same bitrate).

We would like to try some codec that will not generate any block-artifacts. It should preserve any hard edges in the (RGB) source image at exact pixels - but the color-depth can be very reduced.

PNG seems to be able to do something like this. As FFMPEG is already integrated in our system, it would be cool if we could use it right away with PNG encoding somehow (how?) or with another video codec that has similar properties. Any suggestions?

It should be a codec that compresses well if most pixels have more or less the same color (medium gray) and only a few of them diverge
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