[Libav-user] Build of ffmpeg library with libx264 support for QNX

Pavel Vazharov pvazharov at abaltatech.com
Thu Jul 11 22:00:13 CEST 2013


You were right. Thanks very much. I managed to install a bash and then the
"./configure" ran fine.

However, the "make all" command gave this error. (Here are the last lines
from the console output).

CC      libavutil/timecode.o
CC      libavutil/tree.o
CC      libavutil/utils.o
CC      libavutil/x86/cpu.o
YASM    libavutil/x86/cpuid.o
YASM    libavutil/x86/emms.o
YASM    libavutil/x86/float_dsp.o
CC      libavutil/x86/float_dsp_init.o
YASM    libavutil/x86/lls.o
CC      libavutil/x86/lls_init.o
CC      libavutil/xga_font_data.o
CC      libavutil/xtea.o
AR      libavutil/libavutil.a
CC      ffmpeg.o
ffmpeg.c: In function 'write_frame':
ffmpeg.c:576: warning: 'destruct' is deprecated (declared at
CC      ffmpeg_opt.o
ffmpeg_opt.c: In function 'init_output_filter':
ffmpeg_opt.c:1520: warning: 'ost' may be used uninitialized in this function
ffmpeg_opt.c: In function 'open_output_file':
ffmpeg_opt.c:1953: warning: 'm' may be used uninitialized in this function
CC      ffmpeg_filter.o
CC      cmdutils.o
cmdutils.c:51:21: error: version.h: No such file or directory
cmdutils.c: In function 'print_program_info':
cmdutils.c:1058: error: expected ')' before 'FFMPEG_VERSION'
cmdutils.c:1058: warning: too few arguments for format
make: *** [cmdutils.o] Error 1

This error is probably related to the programs build? I don't need the
programs to be build so I could disable them? Or we could investigate the
issue in the sake of the full QNX build?

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