[Libav-user] libavcodec documentation and usage

James Board jpboard2 at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 17 01:28:23 CEST 2013

>You need updated headers and pkg-config installed in your system. Also

>read the README file for further instructions.

I did a 'make install' of ffmpeg, and after that, I tried
to build the libavcodec examples in doc/examples.  I received lots of
'undefined reference' errors after running 'make' for these subroutines:

    av_get_channel_layout_nb_channels avcodec_alloc_context3
    av_get_sample_fmt_name av_get_channel_layout_nb_channels avcodec_open2
    av_samples_get_buffer_size avcodec_fill_audio_frame avcodec_encode_audio2
    avcodec_encode_audio2 avcodec_free_frame avcodec_alloc_context3 avcodec_open2
    avcodec_decode_audio4 av_samples_get_buffer_size avcodec_free_frame
    avcodec_alloc_context3 av_opt_set avcodec_open2 av_image_alloc
    avcodec_encode_video2 avcodec_encode_video2 avcodec_free_frame
    avcodec_alloc_context3 avcodec_open2 avcodec_free_frame

I'm able to fix that.  The compiler didn't know where to look for the
libraries so I added -L/usr/local/lib to the compile command line.

However, after that, I received about 100 additional 'undefined reference'
error messages for these subroutines:
    compress compress2 crc32 deflate deflateBound deflateEnd deflateInit2_
    deflateInit_ deflateReset inflate inflateEnd inflateInit_ inflateReset
    inflateSync pthread_create pthread_join uncompress

I don't know how to fix that.  Do you know what I must do to get
the examples in doc/examples in the ffmpeg source code to compile?
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