[Libav-user] Encode in h264

Tanjim Hossain Sifat tanjimhossainsifat at gmail.com
Wed Jul 31 14:44:53 CEST 2013

I would like to decode a video file and then encode it in h264.
I have gone through the Example: encoding_decoding.c, demuxing.c, muxing.c
and examples from dranger.com.
demuxing.c example was quite helpful, as using it i could decode a video
from "file" into rawvideo. But, other examples only generated dummy data to
encode these "dummy data" into a video file.

So, please someone help me on this, so i can read data from a file (not
generate some dummy data), decode it into rawvideo, then read rawvideo and
encode it in a separate codec like h264.

Flow: video in a specific codec ----------> rawvideo   (decode)

        rawvideo ------------------------> video in h264     (encode)

Thanks in advance

MD. Tanjim Hossain Sifat
Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology,
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