[Libav-user] Audio quality loss while encoding

Kalileo kalileo at universalx.net
Wed May 1 00:09:32 CEST 2013

On May 1, 2013, at 03:27 , Carl Eugen Hoyos wrote:

> Brad O'Hearne <brado at ...> writes:
>> As constructive feedback, I recommend removing aac entirely 
>> from the codebase


> The native aac encoder is better than most non-experimental 
> audio encoders for stereo input, it is not good for >2 channels 
> (which is not supported at all by most other encoders).

I can confirm that, we use the "experimental" ffmpeg aac in production on a lot of transcoders (stereo), and there are absolutely zero problems, nada, nothing, everybody is happy with the quality. It might not have all the features possible, but it is great as it is already, we love it.

If there is the impression created here that ffmpeg aac would have a quality problem, then I strongly disagree, based on real practical experience using it every day.

Please do not remove it, unless there is a better one included instead.

Brad, that the problem with what you spread here, you elaborate and theorize about your problems, and propose fundamental changes to ffmpeg, but all based on some unsystematic experiments, assumptions and half-theories. And at the end the problem is never in ffmpeg.

Your "constructive feedback" to remove aac would be a disaster for the many who use it and are happy with it, please do not recommend such a nonsense.

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