[Libav-user] errors while processing tiff streams with image2pipe

cyril apan cyrilapan at yahoo.fr
Tue May 7 10:09:35 CEST 2013

>>> Since you used "image2pipe" in the subject:

>>> There is no tiff parser, so you cannot generally use 
>>> input format image2pipe with tiff images, but this is 
>>> unrelated to the samples.
>>> (Patch welcome.)
>> I'm not sure to understand. So, image2pipe shouldn't 
>> work with tiff files?

>Not completely, no.

>> So why I can still get something out from the 
>> 1st sample?

>Possibly because you are only feeding one image?
>The idea of image2pipe is usually to feed a 
>series of images to ffmpeg, a parser is needed 
>to find the beginning of the next image.

I see, I used image2pipe to be able to use custom I/O functions, something that image2 cannot handle. Well, at least I couldn't get image2 to use my custom I/O...

Cyril APAN.
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