[Libav-user] rtp timestamp overflow when output h.264 live stream in long time

John Freeman aworldgonewrong at gmail.com
Fri Sep 27 10:48:35 CEST 2013

Is it sufficient enough to use the RTP header extensions to embed a 64 bit
time-code or epoch seconds? I use this for the very same reason.


On 27 September 2013 03:24, Huang Soho <soho123.2012 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi All,
> When I try to use ffserver + ffmpeg to output a live h.264 rtp stream, I
> got the problem.
> the timestamp in rtp header may get overflow.
> since the pkt.pts, pkt.dts in ffmpeg are stored in 64bits length
> timestamp field in RTP header is stored in 32bits length
> it may get overflow when long time test.
> does any one have idea about how to fix the issue?
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