[Libav-user] Best strategy to playback movies that cannot be played back in realtime

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Thu Apr 17 17:14:18 CEST 2014

Hey there,

so I now wrote my own playback engine using FFMS and it works like a charm.
I was now wondering what would be the best strategy when I want to playback movies that cannot be played back in realtime?

I have a couple of 4K test clips here which also don’t play properly in ffplay. ffplay hangs on the first frame and doesn’t advance any further …
VLC and QuickTime however play the movie just fine. 
I don’t know what they do under the hood. All I can think of is that they scale down the movie (I’m not using a 4K monitor).

I was thinking about skipping frames but if I understood that correctly, that is not the best thing to do as seeking is rather.
What’s the best strategy when using libav?

Best regards,


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