[Libav-user] Problems decoding mp3 files

b.mcdonagh at sky.com b.mcdonagh at sky.com
Mon Apr 28 00:29:31 CEST 2014

I have spent the last few weeks learning about libav to try to decode mp3 files so I can create videos with the audio from the mp3 files.

I have built ffmpeg with libmp3lame (latest version) included and I get no errors when opening the mp3 decoder.

I have tried to decode the mp3 file in every many different ways I can find. avcodec_decode_audio4 and avcodec_decode_audio3 both return header missing error. 

I can get the mp3 packet calling fread or av_read_packet but av_read_frame just crashes. I have ensured that the stream index is correct before trying to decode the packet.

I have tried many different mp3 files. I am using the latest ffmpeg snapshot.

When calling avformat_find_stream_info with my mp3 format context I get a seg fault crash. This crash doesn't happen for any other file type, just mp3 files.

Can anybody please give me sufficient knowledge to move on from this as I really want to work with mp3 files with libav.

Why do I get header missing when decoding mp3 only and why does avformat_find_stream_info crash only for mp3 files?

Let me know if any more information is required.


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