[Libav-user] make ffmpeg examples compile cleanly under fedora 19

Torsten Kühnel tdk at fuer-adrian.de
Wed Apr 30 13:07:22 CEST 2014

i just found some simple errors in getting the ffmpeg-examples compile 
under Fedora 19.

1. there is a missing dependency when installing ffmpeg-devel, i had to 
"yum install libvpx-devel" to solve a missing symbols error during 
linking the examples. This
should go to the rpmfusion repository maintainer i think.

2. in the Makefile a simple line is missing for another example to link 
against libm, so a

resampling_audio: LDLIBS += -lm

did it.
Just what i found out on my way and want to share it. Thanks a lot for 
your work !

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