[Libav-user] Problems decoding mp3 files

Carl Eugen Hoyos cehoyos at ag.or.at
Wed Apr 30 15:19:18 CEST 2014

b.mcdonagh at ... <b.mcdonagh at ...> writes:

> >What happens if you do:
> >$ ssh
> >And then there:
> >$ gdb
> I can login via devuser at ... by providing an ssh key and then 
> i type gdb get the version (7.6.1) amongst other info/messages  
> I am then in a (gdb) kind of input where it seems it's expecting 
> gdb commands but I don't know any other than bt at that just 
> reports no stack.

$ gdb /path/to/the/application/you/built
<gdb> r
(for "run")

And please tell us if gcc is already installed on this device.


> >You can test your software on any Linux host 
> > to find the bug that I suspect (or make sure 
> > that there is none).
> I wouldn't know how to test on any other linux host

Sorry for the misunderstanding, I am not a native speaker:
You have written an application (using FFmpeg) that is 
intended to run on a Blackberry. You found out that debugging 
on the Blackberry is non-trivial. To simplify your testing task, 
just compile your application on the system that you are using 
(I expected this to be Linux but it doesn't matter at all) for 
development and test the application there.

> I can assure you the latest snapshot works fine for me

I am curious: How do you know?
Cross-compilers are often buggy, and FFmpeg has a long 
history of being able to "find" compiler bugs much better than 
other programs.
And I of course cannot rule out that FFmpeg is broken on 
qnx: After all, everybody who reported problems so far 
disappeared before explaining what the reason for the 
problem was.

A very simple way to test FFmpeg is to compile on the 
Blackberry with a native compiler and run fate. But you 
first have to type "gcc -v" to find out if a compiler is 

Carl Eugen

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