[Libav-user] TCP + rtsp time delay.

whoami Jils get2jils at gmail.com
Thu Feb 27 17:04:08 CET 2014


Connecting RTSP Server using UDP, have seen huge packet loss, and resulted
to flickering images, hence configured  to use TCP  like:

AVDictionary *stream_opts = 0;
av_dict_set(&stream_opts, "rtsp_transport", "tcp", 0);

The issue what i see is at the initial period, the time delay between RTSP
server  and av_read_frame() is around 1 sec, and which grows gradually to 5
sec after some time, then it gets somehow reset to again 1 sec.  Server is
sending for about max 25 fps, min is 18 fps.

Coder: x264, YUV420p file format [ 1028*720]

I am not sure where i can hook around ?. Please advise?.

P.S:  I am not using any PTS calculation, but simply dumping completed
frames into UI.
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