[Libav-user] YUV 10 bit support

Info || Non-Lethal Applications info at non-lethal-applications.com
Fri Jun 6 12:45:14 CEST 2014

Eugen - 

> Info || Non-Lethal Applications <info at ...> writes:
>> This is exactly what we need as that’s what we get 
>> from our input device (pixel format v210).
> If your external device provides v210 then please 
> specify codec v210 (instead of rawvideo which is 
> something different in FFmpeg terminology).

How would I do that? 
Just been scratching my head for a while and came across some older posts on the mailing list.
Is the only way to get a Pro Res out of a v210 input stream to use the v210 decoder to get a YUV422P10 which I can then feed to the Pro Res encoder?
Is this the data flow?

>> Is adding full support for this pixel format on the 
>> roadmap?
> (I have been repeatedly accused of being rude for this 
> answer, but it is simply the truth imo:)
> Certainly, if you are going to implement it / you may 
> misunderstand how open-source development works / patch 
> welcome!

No worries. I do appreciate that you guys are doing a great job!
Thanks for that!

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