[Libav-user] qmin qmax settings for libx265 (HEVC) not functional

Taha Ansari mtaha.ansari at gmail.com
Tue Jun 10 07:18:04 CEST 2014

> But the point is: the options are not present.
> If I am wrong, please tell me how to use the options
> with the x265 executable and I may be able to
> implement it in FFmpeg.

Well, if you are implying it is not producible using x265 executable,
then we really do not need to keep on playing a guessing game, you can
say it clearly, and I will take your word for it (since you are in
core development) - it is quite simple...

On the other hand, if you mean I experiment with the x265, till a
point comes where I can successfully use this option, and then I share
it with the community, so people learn (and incorporate inside FFmpeg)
then that is another thing. wink.

> (You do agree that I cannot implement an option
> that does not exist in libx265, don't you?)

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