[Libav-user] ffmpeg wrapper for x264, how to use mb_info

Nikita Orlov nikitos1550 at yandex.ru
Fri Jun 20 17:59:31 CEST 2014


In x264.h I have found:

    /* In: optional array of flags for each macroblock.
     *     Allows specifying additional information for the encoder such as which macroblocks
     *     remain unchanged.  Usable flags are listed below.
     *     x264_param_t.analyse.b_mb_info must be set to use this, since x264 needs to track
     *     extra data internally to make full use of this information.
     * Out: if b_mb_info_update is set, x264 will update this array as a result of encoding.
     *      For "MBINFO_CONSTANT", it will remove this flag on any macroblock whose decoded
     *      pixels have changed.  This can be useful for e.g. noting which areas of the
     *      frame need to actually be blitted. Note: this intentionally ignores the effects
     *      of deblocking for the current frame, which should be fine unless one needs exact
     *      pixel-perfect accuracy.
     *      Results for MBINFO_CONSTANT are currently only set for P-frames, and are not
     *      guaranteed to enumerate all blocks which haven't changed.  (There may be false
     *      negatives, but no false positives.)
    uint8_t *mb_info;
    /* In: optional callback to free mb_info when used. */
    void (*mb_info_free)( void* );

    /* The macroblock is constant and remains unchanged from the previous frame. */
    #define X264_MBINFO_CONSTANT   (1<<0)
    /* More flags may be added in the future. */

As I understand this is ability to say encoder, what MB are not changed.

How to use this feature via ffmpeg C API ?

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