[Libav-user] Fixing RTP: dropping old packet received too late

Cody Eilar cody.eilar at gmail.com
Tue Jun 24 01:30:11 CEST 2014


   I have been using FFMPEG 0.6 for years with no problems and recently
ported much of my code to 2.2; however, there is still a problem that I
cannot resolve after fixing many of the deprecated functions. I am
generating simulated video and then using RTSP to unicast this generated
stream. The problem is that when I change the height and width of my video
data, I basically recreate a new stream to send the the subscribed client.
The algorithm I used to do this in 0.6 worked like a charm, never had any
problems. Now that I have upgraded, I get "RTP: dropping old packet
received too late" as soon as I change my frame size. Why am I dropping
packets all of a sudden? Is there a flag that I can set to not drop these
packets? I believe that this has something to do with time stamps but I am
not sure. The only reference I found similar to my issue is here:
http://en.it-usenet.org/thread/16949/6708/#post6707.  Any tips would be
greatly appreciated.

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