[Libav-user] using avpicture_deinterlace

Don Moir donmoir at comcast.net
Mon Sep 22 14:16:44 CEST 2014

>> In the initial attempt at using ffmpeg, I used avfilter because it was a
>> part of sample code I was looking at. Then as I got more into it I see I
>> don't need avfilter. I am thinking thank god. Remembering back I was
>> thinking clusmy and a place for more things to go wrong. While there seems
>> to be some useful things in avfilter, I don't really need any of it.
>> Anything I might need from there I just do that myself in my own code.
>> So yadif is integrated via avfilter in ffmpeg I believe. Deinterlacing is
>> something I need to do. I am no expert on deinterlacing, yadif, or avfilter.
>> avpicture_deinterlace is inferior to yadif as far as I know and what most
>> people will tell you. I do not have video where avpicture_deinterlace does
>> not do an acceptable job but somewhere there must be one :)
>> The beauty of avpicture_deinterlace for me is how easy it is to call. There
>> is no setup for it and you can just call it or not depending on deinterlace
>> requriement or intense CPU usage, etc. In other words, an easy on the fly
>> decision.
>> I would like to see avpicture_deinterlace improved, renamed, but retained as
>> part of the main ffmpeg libraries. I have not found a reason to link to
>> avfilter except yadif but so far that is not enough for the potential head
>> aches, additional setup that might require, and not so sure what improvement
>> that would bring. I am thinking a negative it terms of CPU usage as a start.

>This code doesn't belong anywhere else than in filters. You can already
>strip off everything you don't want from libavfilter and link against it.
>The overhead won't be large. There is no way we are going to maintain an
>improve a broken filter out of libavfilter.

>What you want might be a better interface than currently for libavfilter.

>Now you can also just strip off avpicture_deinterlace() from FFmpeg,
>and improve it in your application.

>We have multiple deinterlacers in avfilter, and they need temporal
>information to be useful. We are not going to have such code in
>libavcodec, libavfilter is designed for that exact purpose.
>Clément B.

Yeah I hear you. I already don't call avpicture_deinterlace anymore and started down the path of doing that myself the last time we 
had this dicussion since there is no way I will be linking to avfilter. I will improve my own internal code when and if I find a 
need to do that.

I already knew this was a losing battle but just gave an opinion on usage one last time since you guys are more expert at 
deinterlacing then I am. 

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