[Libav-user] Setting log level specific to a context

Matthew Einhorn moiein2000 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 6 20:30:14 CET 2016


I'm trying to prevent ffmpeg from even emitting logs above a particular
loglevel specific to a context, e.g. a AVFormatContext. That's because I
don't even want the callback to be called in those cases, just have them
dropped entirely. I cannot set the loglevel because that is global.

Looking at https://ffmpeg.org/doxygen/2.7/log_8c_source.html#l00358 I can
see that the contexts have a AVClass with some kind of level offset for
setting the level of that class. But there doesn't seem to be a api way of
changing the level for these contexts as far as I can tell.

It wasn't even clear to me what that level was since it seems to be added
up. And also I don't know if that sets it for the entire class or just this

Is there a way to set the loglevel specific to a AVFormatContext,
AVCodecContext etc?

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