[Libav-user] How to convert "-q:v 1" to API form

Arthur Muller muller at vki.com
Thu Jan 28 22:45:09 CET 2016



I am using the API version of ffmpeg. I have a sequence of 30 png files and
want to generate a mp4 slide show with no loss (if possible).


In the command line, I use


ffmpeg_g -framerate 10 -start_number 1 -i image%02d.png -c:v mpeg4 -q:v 1


and the resulting file has good quality. Using the API version of ffmpeg
I've managed to generate the mp4 file by first converting the png files to
yuv format. That was not a problem. But I haven't figured out what I have to
do in my code to mimic the behavior of "-q:v 1" to get the better quality?


Can anybody help?





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