[Libav-user] re-encoding and transcode (codec copy) on same file.

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sorry if this client top posts, but to answer, you can do 1 of 2 things. assume it is different and insert it before returning to the unprocessed clip. or you can check if they are different by doing a comparison.

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Hi guys,
I'm investigating if it's possible to do editing and transcode on same file.
I mean use -vcodec copy, we can readout packets and write them directly into output file without re-encoding. But if it's possible, for example if I have a 2 mins video, re-encode 1st min because there're some effects applied to that region but copy 2nd part?
My concern is, for example we know H.264 has extradata, if I re-encode first part but keep 2nd part, how if new extradata is different from old extradta?
Anyone have suggestion on this? and any other possible problems doing this?
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