[Libav-user] Problem with the writing of video

Pierre Delmas pierre.delmas at centrale-marseille.fr
Sun Apr 16 15:15:50 EEST 2017


I have written yesterday for a problem that I have solved. But now I
have another problem I'm able to write headers and almost to write
frames (as you can think its the almost the problem). Currently I read a
video and try to re-write at the same but when I do this I have a video
who is generated with a size less (it's a third of the original
approximatively) than the original video and a duration of zero seconds.
I write my code in C++

At reading I push the pointers of extracted AVFrame into a vector<AVFrame*>

You can find attached my code for the writing part and a text document
who contains the execution.

It seems that only I and P frames are written but I can certify that
this video contains also B-frames.

Is there a better way to extract AVFrame than use a vector ? If yes do
you have examples ?

Is there any other (and probably better) way to write a video ?

Thank you for your help,

Best regards,


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