[Libav-user] Using ffmpeg with SDL2 - Bad src image pointers / New decoding flow - questions

Gonzalo Garramuño ggarra13 at gmail.com
Sun Feb 5 18:46:00 EET 2017

El 05/02/17 a las 12:07, Jan escribió:
> The error I get:
> [swscaler @ 0x555e2af7ff60] bad src image pointers
For the swscale call, I have C++ code, but you would do something like:

   AVFrame output;  // Final output frame

   // The pointer to the allocated image
   boost::uint8_t* ptr = (boost::uint8_t*)image->data().get();

   // Actual width height of window, _av_dst_pix_fmt contains actual
   // format for the window/image.
   unsigned int w = width();
   unsigned int h = height();

// Prepare output data and linesize based on ptr, format and w/h.
   av_image_fill_arrays( output.data, output.linesize, ptr, _av_dst_pix_fmt,
                         w, h, 1);

   AVPixelFormat fmt = _video_ctx->pix_fmt;
   int sws_flags = 0;
   if ( w < _video_ctx->width || h < _video_ctx->height )
       sws_flags = SWS_BICUBIC;

// We store convert_ctx between invocations.  It is part of a class or 
static variable.
   _convert_ctx = sws_getCachedContext(_convert_ctx,
                                       fmt, w, h,
                                       _av_dst_pix_fmt, sws_flags,
                                       NULL, NULL, NULL);

   if ( _convert_ctx == NULL )
       IMG_ERROR( _("Could not get image conversion context.") );

   sws_scale(_convert_ctx, _av_frame->data, _av_frame->linesize,
             0, _video_ctx->height, output.data, output.linesize);

Gonzalo Garramuño

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