[Libav-user] vaapi decoding support status in master branch of ffmpeg

Anton Sviridenko anton at corp.bluecherry.net
Sun Feb 12 17:01:20 EET 2017

I've noticed recently that changes related to removal of requirement
for "struct vaapi_context"  were pushed to master. But they did not
appear in latest release 3.2.4.

Is current way of initializing VAAPI decoding without vaapi_context
production ready?

Also I am interested what min. version of libva is required to make things work?
VAAPI decoding works for me on libva 1.7.3, but popular Linux distros
(like Ubuntu 16.04LTS) have libva 1.7.0 in their repos (or older) and
decoding acceleration does not work there. get_format() callback just
is not called with AV_PIX_FMT_VAAPI

I suspect that shipping application with latest version of libva could
help. Is it safe to use git master branch of libva?

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