[Libav-user] libavformat/protocol_list.c ?

Mahboud Zabetian mzabetian at tunein.com
Wed Nov 1 18:10:58 EET 2017

Very helpful, thank you.

I'm updating old code that uses ffurl_register_protocol - I think it might
be 5 years old.  I'm replacing ffmpeg 3.03 with 3.4.  I'm very much hoping
that I won't run into any other major changes, since that will probably
mean some regression.  Any tips and pointers would be much appreciated.

On Wed, Nov 1, 2017 at 1:46 AM Hendrik Leppkes <h.leppkes at gmail.com> wrote:

> On Wed, Nov 1, 2017 at 9:33 AM, Mahboud Zabetian <mzabetian at tunein.com>
> wrote:
> > Ah, thank you.  I was hoping this would show me how I could register my
> own
> > protocols.  Our software used to ffurl_register_protocol 5 protocols.
> Now
> > that we are upgrading to a later version of ffmpeg, I have to figure out
> how
> > to register those protocols in a different way.
> >
> > I've been told the correct way is to do a avio_alloc_context, but that
> > doesn't take all the function pointers I need to pass in such as open and
> > close.
> >
> > Any thoughts?  Thanks!
> >
> Registering custom protocols is not supported, and functions prefixed
> with ff* are in a private namespace, so using such functions was
> always "wrong".
> On that note, you don't really need open and close callbacks, because
> it is assumed that when you call avio_alloc_context the resource was
> already opened (so you just call open before), and once you close the
> AVFormatContext, you should close the resource afterwards yourself.
> It gives you full control over resource management this way.
> - Hendrik
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