[Libav-user] Write Videos with differing Frame Rates

nicholas block nickblock at hotmail.com
Wed Nov 29 14:41:32 EET 2017


I'm having trouble writing video with differing framerates.

I am experimenting with the sample output program found in your repo at doc/examples/encode_video.c.

In that sample the framerate set to 25 with the lines:

    c->time_base = (AVRational){1, 25};
    c->framerate = (AVRational){25, 1};

and then the for loop later on simply puts out the same number of frames.

I have been trying to vary the framerate between 10 - 60, replacing the initialization of timebase and framerate and the number of frames outputted. However the resulting video plays for different durations, when I would expect it to always be the same.

How would I produce videos with the same duration but differing framerates? What am I missing?

I am currently experimenting on windows and using the nvenc_h264 codec, but I have the same problem with wmv, raw video with a linux machine/build.

Any help or advice much appreciated.

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