[Libav-user] Constrained Encoding Mode in H264

Vittalprasad vittalprasad.br at gmail.com
Tue Apr 10 17:08:38 EEST 2018

Hi Team,

How to set/enable Constrained in H264? i followed this way, but not
//av_opt_set(c_en->priv_data, "maxrate", "1000000", 0);
        //av_opt_set(c_en->priv_data, "bufsize", "2000000", 0);

In one document i saw this statement, * Turn on Constrained (VBV )with the
-maxrate and -bufsize options to set the maximum bitrate and the expected
client buffer size*:

How to specify * -maxrate and  -bufsize? *Are this values are depend on the
resolution of video?

please recomand any document/website which explains above rate control mode.

Thanks & Regards
Vittal Prasad B R
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