[Libav-user] Facing issue in runtime linking of sws_getContext() and other APIs with latest FFMPEG releases

srinivas gudumasu srinu.try at gmail.com
Sat Feb 3 03:35:17 EET 2018


My windows playback application uses FFMPEG APIs for decoding HEVC video
(AVCodec), resizing (swscale) and resampling (swresample).

Till now, I am using avcodec-57.dll, swscale-4.dll and swresample-2.dll and
my application is working fine. Now I planned to use the latest FFMPEG
nightly builds in my application, which are avcodec-58.dll, swscale-5.dll
and swresample-3.dll etc..

I replaced all the old FFMPEG include, stub libraries and dlls from the
latest FFMPEG package and successfully built my application. Unfortunately
when I run my application I am getting an error as "The Procedure entry
point swr_alloc_set_opts" could not be located in dynamic link library

I linked avcodec.lib first followed by avformat.lib, swsresample.lib and
other FFMPEG libs. Unfortunately, the application is only checking the
first DLL and ignoring other DLLs and throwing the "Entrypoint" not found

Did I miss anything while upgrading to new FFMPEG version?

NOTE: I successfully upgraded my application with FFMPEG libraries such as
AVCodec-55.dll etc.. to AvCodec-57.dll etc... But upgrade from
avcodec-57.dll to avcodec-58.dll is an issue.

Request your help in resolving the runtime linking issue.

dependency walker report of my application is as follows,

[image: Inline image 1]
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