[Libav-user] Transcoding audio to MP3 in mp4 container

Valeriy Shtoma shtomavaleriy at gmail.com
Thu Feb 22 19:02:04 EET 2018

On Feb 22, 2018, at 12:29, Nicolas George <george at nsup.org> wrote:
> Tobias Rapp (2018-02-22):
>> The asetnsamples filter allows to adjust the audio frame size, but I suppose
>> there is a better/more idiomatic way to fix the problem.
> Indeed. The asetnsamples filter was useful when added, but its
> functionality have been integrated to the framework since then. It could
> be reimplemented as a trivial stub now. In fact, I have a project to
> merge all the (a)setsomething filters into a single pair of (a)set
> filters.
> The function to make use of that from applications is
> av_buffersink_set_frame_size().
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>  Nicolas George
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Thanks for reply!

How to use this function concerning to transcode.c ? So sorry, about
this question, but I’m not understand… I tried to use asetnsamples
filter, but in this case audio sync and sound is terrible. When I need
to use av_buffersink_set_frame_size()? Thanks!

Kind Regards,
Valeriy V Shtoma

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