[Libav-user] FFmpeg vp8 decoding: cross compile on Windows for ARM target

Carl Eugen Hoyos ceffmpeg at gmail.com
Fri Jul 27 00:02:36 EEST 2018

2018-07-27 0:40 GMT+02:00, ed <emcmurray at aevee.com>:
> hello,
> We are developing a product to do VP8/VP9 decoding, on an NXP RT1050
> (low power ARM Cortex M7 microcontroller).  No OS, the project will be
> bare metal.   I would like to use the VP8 decoder in FFmpeg libavcodec.
> I would like to build the complete FFmpeg library package, using NXP's
> MCUXpresso eclipse based IDE, running on Windows 8.
> I think it should be pretty straight forward, once I get some clarity on
> the
> details of starting this effort. This is what I believe needs to be done.
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>   1: Download FFmpeg source and decompress.

> 2: Run configure script with correct flags, to setup config file(s)
>      correctly for project requirements.

Your compiler needs to run from a posix-compatible shell (msys),
if this doesn't work (for whatever reason), you have an uphill
battle to fight.
The necessary options are --enable-cross-compile and
--cc=/path/to/the/compiler/binary arch=arm
I fear that this won't be all, the error messages in ffbuild/config.log
should help you.
Not sure how to set --target-os which is absolutely required, try "none".

There is a point 2b missing: Build the libraries, this has to be done
with make in the shell and should be independent of an ide, you
should be able to import the resulting library binaries into the ide
after building.

Do I understand correctly that you cannot use the MS arm

Carl Eugen

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