[Libav-user] FFmpeg vp8 decoding: cross compile on Windows for ARM target

ed emcmurray at aevee.com
Fri Jul 27 18:38:15 EEST 2018


I will install msys shell and compile, starting with your suggested 
options.  I
will check error messages in ffbuild/config.log, and adjust options 
Regarding the compiler.  I will use MS arm compiler.

I will update mailing list with the results.


On 7/26/2018 5:02 PM, Carl Eugen Hoyos wrote:
> 2018-07-27 0:40 GMT+02:00, ed <emcmurray at aevee.com>:
>> hello,
>> We are developing a product to do VP8/VP9 decoding, on an NXP RT1050
>> (low power ARM Cortex M7 microcontroller).  No OS, the project will be
>> bare metal.   I would like to use the VP8 decoder in FFmpeg libavcodec.
>> I would like to build the complete FFmpeg library package, using NXP's
>> MCUXpresso eclipse based IDE, running on Windows 8.
>> I think it should be pretty straight forward, once I get some clarity on
>> the
>> details of starting this effort. This is what I believe needs to be done.
>> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>>    1: Download FFmpeg source and decompress.
>> 2: Run configure script with correct flags, to setup config file(s)
>>       correctly for project requirements.
> Your compiler needs to run from a posix-compatible shell (msys),
> if this doesn't work (for whatever reason), you have an uphill
> battle to fight.
> The necessary options are --enable-cross-compile and
> --cc=/path/to/the/compiler/binary arch=arm
> I fear that this won't be all, the error messages in ffbuild/config.log
> should help you.
> Not sure how to set --target-os which is absolutely required, try "none".
> There is a point 2b missing: Build the libraries, this has to be done
> with make in the shell and should be independent of an ide, you
> should be able to import the resulting library binaries into the ide
> after building.
> Do I understand correctly that you cannot use the MS arm
> compiler?
> Carl Eugen
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