[Libav-user] Fwd: Re: FFmpeg vp8 decoding: cross compile on Windows for ARM target

ed mcmurray emcmurray at aevee.com
Sun Jul 29 17:20:45 EEST 2018

I have tried the Window pathname suggestions, with no real success. I've 
decided to eliminate this as a variable, so I have switched to try to 
build FFmpeg libs under Linux(Ubuntu 17.10).  This is the exact process 
that I have followed so far:
*1: I have downloaded and decompressed ffmpeg v4.0.2 into ffmpeg source 
root directory.
2: I have downloaded and installed Pre-buil2 GNU toolchain forArm 
Cortex-M for Linux (gcc-arm-none-eabi-7-2018-q2 update-linux)
     from Arm website: 
3: from cli, I set working directory to ffmpeg source root directory.  ( 
I created a simple helloworld.c program in working directory, to test 
4: from cli,  I verified arm compiler did successfully create expected 
object file for helloworld.c test.
5: from cli, I ran cofigure shell script:
$ ./configure --enable-cross-compile 
--cc=/home/ed/Project/armCrossCompile gcc-arm-none-eabi-eabi-gcc 
--target-os=none arch=arm
6: This is the returned error message:
is unable to create an executable file. C compiler test failed.

I have attached zipped log file to show any possible clues.  I won't be 
able to do too much more today.  I will start Monday morning trying to 
understand what the log file is showing and what I might be missing.  
Again, any advice is appreciated.


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El 27/07/2018 a las 20:17, ed escribió:
> I have tried double/single/no quotes, around compiler pathname.  Same 
> result.  I am hoping to get this working on Windows first.  If that 
> can't happen, then I will move over to Linux.
Try forward slashes, backward slashes for weird character, and no 
colon.   That is:

/C/Program\ Files\  \(x86\)/..etc..

> On 7/27/2018 2:58 PM, Larry Arnold wrote:
>> On 07/27/2018 06:45 PM, ed wrote:
>>> # ./configure --enable-cross-compile --cc='C:\Program Files 
>>> (x86)\GNU Tools ARM Embedded\7 2018-q2-update\bin' --target-os=none 
>>> arch=arm
>> try
>> # ./configure --enable-cross-compile --cc="C:\Program Files (x86)\GNU 
>> Tools ARM Embedded\7 2018-q2-update\bin" --target-os=none arch=arm
>> It being windows and all. I have much better success cross compiling 
>> ( even for windows native) on Linux.
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Gonzalo Garramuño

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