[Libav-user] How to code the following filter (complex ?) in libavfilter etc ?

Subrata Goswami subrata at ambient.ai
Fri Jan 18 19:13:09 EET 2019

The following is the filter I am trying to  code in FFMpeg libraries,

ffmpeg -y  -i rtsp://xyz -c copy -map 0 -f segment \
-segment_time T -segment_format mp4 -strftime 1 /tmp/%d/%s.mp4 \
-c:v h264 -vsync 1 -vf scale=w:h -r R -f image2pipe  -pix_fmt bgr24 \
-vcodec rawvideo pipe:1 > /tmp/fifo1

I  had done some simpler filters before in  FFmpeg libraries, but the above
looks definitely daunting.  Any hint or recommendation will be appreciated
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