[Libav-user] Divx ip infringement issue inquiry

김경욱 kimandy7778 at gmail.com
Fri May 10 03:45:08 EEST 2019

Hi, this is Andy.

I would like to ask a few questions about the DIVX decoding process:

1. Kindly advise if there will be a problem with DIVX license when we use
FFmpeg open source.

 - if FFmpeg lib was used to play DIVX (3,4,5), is there an Intellectual
property infringement?
We analyzed FFMpeg source, and it is decoding with MPEG4 or XVID.

Neither of those two are using Divx pay-decoding module, and we would like
to know decoding FFmpeg as explained above is still a case of DIVX’s IP

2. How does DIVX BPacked work technologically in the decoding process?

 -FFmpeg seems to be used for the decoding and rendering in this case as
well. We are curious in which way the DIVX’s IP infringement occurs.
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