[Libav-user] How to set PPS manually

Michael Bachmann Michael.Bachmann at picsystems.ch
Thu May 16 12:51:36 EEST 2019


I'm reverse engineering a DVR-Video-Format and was able to extract the h264-bytestream. The h264-bytestream does only contain IDR_SLICE, SEI and SLICE NAL-Units. So there are no SPS and PPS NAL-Units before each IDR_SLICE (which corresponds to AVCC scheme). I'm still searching for the SPS and PPS part in the DVR-Video-Format.

Feeding libav with this bytestream leads to the following error output:

non-existing PPS 0 referenced
decode_slice_header error
non-existing PPS 0 referenced
decode_slice_header error
no frame!

Which is logical, cause the decoder can't find any PPS NAL-Units in the bytestream.

So how can I set PPS manually on the AVCodecContext, so the decoder is able to decode the bytestream?

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