[Libav-user] Incapsulate onvif metadata into avframe

Roberto Rampazzo r.rampazzo at hyperionsoftware.eu
Wed May 29 16:30:26 EEST 2019


I have a onvif camera that provides video and metadata via rtsp. I would 
like to create a filter or whatever else that takes the metadata, reads 
them and finally merge into the output video. I think something like 
incapsulate them in the alpha channel, in order to keep the video 
viable. I have problem with the first part, because I cannot find a 
filter that manipulate Data (AVMEDIA_TYPE_DATA) to start with. My plan 
is to create a filter that takes data and produce fake avframe with 
metadata, that will be merged with the real video by a filter like 
overlay or everything else. Did someone have some hints for me?

Thank you

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