[Libav-user] ARM Cortex-M7 with FFMPEG as static lib - assembly code not right

pavan kamath pavankamatha at gmail.com
Wed Dec 23 02:45:39 EET 2020

Hi all,

I am trying to use FFMPEG to convert H264 to a proprietary form similar to
bitmap. I first wrote and built the library for default settings (mingw on
x86 / windows) .  Ran the C++ application on eclipse using the library
files generated. It worked.
Now I wanted to cross compile and use the same application on Cortex-M7.
I am using an arm-none-eabi-gcc compiler.  the build goes through. Now my
main project is built using Green Hills which contains my application. I
have liked the library generated .a and allocated linker memory too. Also,
The malloc is Prefixed and working fine.

The issue is that the assembly code that I see on the debugger doesn't seem
right and crashes. the assembly code generates a BL (branch jump) to an
address that's in the middle of a random function which isn't even called.

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