[Libav-user] FFmpeg and Apple's transition to ARM/Apple Silicon

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> With Apple’s recent announcement of moving from Intel to their own (ARM
> based) processors, I’m wondering what this means for FFmpeg users.
> I’m using the FFmpeg libraries as base for a - currently Mac-only - video
> player so it is crucial for me that things will still work after the switch.
> I have ordered a Developer Kit and will get it next week so I’ll be able
> to conduct some tests myself.
> I was really just wondering what to expect.
> Will re-compiling the libraries on the new architecture be enough to make
> everything work "as before"?
> As FFmpeg makes a fair use of assembler and I think also some processor
> specific optimizations as far as I know that may not be available on ARM,
> will the performance likely be worse?
> Sorry for my lack of knowledge on the low-level side of things and thanks
> for sharing your thoughts in advance!
> Best regards,
> Flo
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> FFmpeg builds on embedded ARM processors - you might just need to specify
which optimizations you have (eg I manually specify Neon coprocessor when
building).  I don't suppose it will be long before the configure scripts
are updated to make it work if it doesn't.  I don't suppose Apple will be
using an ARM processor that doesn't support some video acceleration.

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