[Libav-user] one question about get_buffer2/get_format in ffmpeg.c

qw applemax82 at 163.com
Thu Sep 17 10:46:21 EEST 2020


In ffmpeg.c, input stream's deocder will be initialized in init_input_stream(), where ist->dec_ctx->get_format and ist->dec_ctx->get_buffer2 are custom-defined functions, i.e. get_format() and get_buffer().

Why ffmpeg.c uses custom-defined functions instead of default functions?

I add some simple source code in ffmpeg.c, where input stream's decoder is closed, and reopened. But ffmpeg will coredump. If I use default functions instead of the two custom-defined functions, no coredump exist.

Is there something wrong with my using ffmpeg functions?



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