[Libav-user] Calling avcodec_send_packet return error -6

Yifan Li li.yifan at hotmail.com
Mon Mar 20 05:39:06 EET 2023

Hello everyone,

i have a project to decode some file with ffmpeg and used the method avcodec_send_packet.
When i build it in C and use it in C# project, everything looks find. The file are decoded and i got the imges.
But if i try to build it using WebAssembly and run it in Qt, i got always the error with -6, while the method avcodec_send_packet has been called.
I dived deeply in the method and search for any sub-method return the error -6, but i cannot find it.

Has anybody a suggestion, what's the problem? Thanks a lot!

Best regard,
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