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AVVDPAUContextav_alloc_vdpaucontext (void)
 allocation function for AVVDPAUContext
int ff_vdpau_common_start_frame (struct vdpau_picture_context *pic_ctx, av_unused const uint8_t *buffer, av_unused uint32_t size)
int ff_vdpau_add_buffer (struct vdpau_picture_context *pic_ctx, const uint8_t *buf, uint32_t size)
void ff_vdpau_h264_set_reference_frames (H264Context *h)
void ff_vdpau_add_data_chunk (uint8_t *data, const uint8_t *buf, int buf_size)
int av_vdpau_get_profile (AVCodecContext *avctx, VdpDecoderProfile *profile)
 Get a decoder profile that should be used for initializing a VDPAU decoder.
AVVDPAUContextav_vdpau_alloc_context (void)
 Allocate an AVVDPAUContext.

Detailed Description

Function Documentation

AVVDPAUContext* av_alloc_vdpaucontext ( void  )

allocation function for AVVDPAUContext

Allows extending the struct without breaking API/ABI

Definition at line 41 of file vdpau.c.

int ff_vdpau_common_start_frame ( struct vdpau_picture_context *  pic_ctx,
av_unused const uint8_t buffer,
av_unused uint32_t  size 
int ff_vdpau_add_buffer ( struct vdpau_picture_context *  pic_ctx,
const uint8_t buf,
uint32_t  size 
void ff_vdpau_h264_set_reference_frames ( H264Context h)

Definition at line 122 of file vdpau.c.

Referenced by ff_h264_field_end().

void ff_vdpau_add_data_chunk ( uint8_t data,
const uint8_t buf,
int  buf_size 

Definition at line 190 of file vdpau.c.

Referenced by decode_nal_units().

int av_vdpau_get_profile ( AVCodecContext avctx,
VdpDecoderProfile *  profile 

Get a decoder profile that should be used for initializing a VDPAU decoder.

Should be called from the AVCodecContext.get_format() callback.

avctxthe codec context being used for decoding the stream
profilea pointer into which the result will be written on success. The contents of profile are undefined if this function returns an error.
0 on success (non-negative), a negative AVERROR on failure.

Definition at line 457 of file vdpau.c.

Referenced by vdpau_init().

AVVDPAUContext* av_vdpau_alloc_context ( void  )

Allocate an AVVDPAUContext.

Newly-allocated AVVDPAUContext or NULL on failure.

Definition at line 500 of file vdpau.c.

Referenced by av_alloc_vdpaucontext(), and vdpau_alloc().