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dcaadpcm.h File Reference
#include "dcamath.h"
#include "dcadata.h"
#include "dcaenc.h"

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Data Structures

struct  DCAADPCMEncContext


static int64_t ff_dcaadpcm_predict (int pred_vq_index, const int32_t *input)
int ff_dcaadpcm_subband_analysis (const DCAADPCMEncContext *s, const int32_t *input, int len, int *diff)
int ff_dcaadpcm_do_real (int pred_vq_index, softfloat quant, int32_t scale_factor, int32_t step_size, const int32_t *prev_hist, const int32_t *in, int32_t *next_hist, int32_t *out, int len, int32_t peak)
av_cold int ff_dcaadpcm_init (DCAADPCMEncContext *s)
av_cold void ff_dcaadpcm_free (DCAADPCMEncContext *s)

Function Documentation

◆ ff_dcaadpcm_predict()

static int64_t ff_dcaadpcm_predict ( int  pred_vq_index,
const int32_t input 

Definition at line 33 of file dcaadpcm.h.

Referenced by calc_prediction_gain(), ff_dcaadpcm_do_real(), and inverse_adpcm().

◆ ff_dcaadpcm_subband_analysis()

int ff_dcaadpcm_subband_analysis ( const DCAADPCMEncContext s,
const int32_t input,
int  len,
int diff 

Definition at line 126 of file dcaadpcm.c.

Referenced by adpcm_analysis().

◆ ff_dcaadpcm_do_real()

int ff_dcaadpcm_do_real ( int  pred_vq_index,
softfloat  quant,
int32_t  scale_factor,
int32_t  step_size,
const int32_t prev_hist,
const int32_t in,
int32_t next_hist,
int32_t out,
int  len,
int32_t  peak 

Definition at line 184 of file dcaadpcm.c.

Referenced by quantize_adpcm_subband().

◆ ff_dcaadpcm_init()

av_cold int ff_dcaadpcm_init ( DCAADPCMEncContext s)

Definition at line 213 of file dcaadpcm.c.

Referenced by encode_init().

◆ ff_dcaadpcm_free()

av_cold void ff_dcaadpcm_free ( DCAADPCMEncContext s)

Definition at line 226 of file dcaadpcm.c.

Referenced by encode_close().