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jpeg2000dwt.h File Reference
#include <stdint.h>

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Data Structures

struct  DWTContext


#define FF_DWT_MAX_DECLVLS   32
 max number of decomposition levels More...
#define F_LFTG_K   1.230174104914001f
#define F_LFTG_X   0.812893066115961f


enum  DWTType { FF_DWT97, FF_DWT53, FF_DWT97_INT, FF_DWT_NB }


int ff_jpeg2000_dwt_init (DWTContext *s, int border[2][2], int decomp_levels, int type)
 Initialize DWT. More...
int ff_dwt_encode (DWTContext *s, void *t)
int ff_dwt_decode (DWTContext *s, void *t)
void ff_dwt_destroy (DWTContext *s)

Detailed Description

Discrete wavelet transform

Definition in file jpeg2000dwt.h.

Macro Definition Documentation


#define FF_DWT_MAX_DECLVLS   32

max number of decomposition levels

Definition at line 32 of file jpeg2000dwt.h.


#define F_LFTG_K   1.230174104914001f

Definition at line 33 of file jpeg2000dwt.h.


#define F_LFTG_X   0.812893066115961f

Definition at line 34 of file jpeg2000dwt.h.

Enumeration Type Documentation

◆ DWTType

enum DWTType

Definition at line 36 of file jpeg2000dwt.h.

Function Documentation

◆ ff_jpeg2000_dwt_init()

int ff_jpeg2000_dwt_init ( DWTContext s,
int  border[2][2],
int  decomp_levels,
int  type 

Initialize DWT.

sDWT context
bordercoordinates of transformed region {{x0, x1}, {y0, y1}}
decomp_levelsnumber of decomposition levels
type0 for DWT 9/7; 1 for DWT 5/3

Definition at line 536 of file jpeg2000dwt.c.

Referenced by ff_jpeg2000_init_component(), test_dwt(), and test_dwtf().

◆ ff_dwt_encode()

int ff_dwt_encode ( DWTContext s,
void *  t 

Definition at line 580 of file jpeg2000dwt.c.

Referenced by encode_tile(), test_dwt(), and test_dwtf().

◆ ff_dwt_decode()

int ff_dwt_decode ( DWTContext s,
void *  t 

Definition at line 598 of file jpeg2000dwt.c.

Referenced by test_dwt(), test_dwtf(), and tile_codeblocks().

◆ ff_dwt_destroy()

void ff_dwt_destroy ( DWTContext s)

Definition at line 619 of file jpeg2000dwt.c.

Referenced by ff_jpeg2000_cleanup(), test_dwt(), and test_dwtf().